Blue Waffles

Blue Waffle: What is it and how do I treat it?

If you have looked at several medical journals, you will notice that the blue waffle disease is hard to find. For some, it may seem as if it is not real, but it is in fact a very real problem. Similar to vaginitis, but has very few symptoms. While the medical journals may not have it yet covered, there are very specific symptoms, and it requires a very specific therapy to treat it.

What does it look like?

Due to a vaginal discomfort and swelling, it is sometimes associated with vaginitis, but a blue waffle is a disturbing phenomenon. Extended welts that appear in the color blue will form around the labia, the clitoris, and also in and around the vaginal opening. The blue color is easy to recognize and makes it different from other conditions that affect similar areas of the body.

Blue waffles pictures
Blue waffles std

This condition will also come with intense itching and burning. An intensive, high odor is accompanied by a thick discharge coming out of the vaginal area. The woman will have scaly, dry skin, the irritation with aching or pain increased in the abdominal area. Many women these symptoms associate with vaginitis, but they should see a doctor for treatment, before it becomes unbearable.

Is it an STD?

Blue waffle is NOT an STD but it is usually contracted through sexual intercourse. It can form because of poor hygiene or through sexual intercourse with a person who has poor hygiene. It may also be the result of masturbation with toys that have been contaminated. This condition often targets women who have broken or even hurt the skin, which is around or in the vagina.

Now that you’ve read all this, I must tell you that this is an urban legend and that this blue waffles disease does not exist.

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